Friday, 13 June 2014

A trip out to Bents Garden and Home..

The Christmas spirit is well and truly upon us in our household and what better way to start the festive prep than a visit to Bents Garden Centre in Leigh? It's really easy to find too, just of the East Lancs Road.

 I was invited along to have a look at their Christmas festivities and having never been before, I was very excited! 

On arrival the lovely staff there gave us a warm welcome before showing us through to their restaurant. I chose a lovely looking Salmon from a good selection of hot dishes. 
The restaurant was much bigger than I'd expected and once I'd chosen the fish I was offered several different vegetables and potatoes to go alongside.

 The menu catered for everyone. Pasta dishes, vegertarian dishes, cold sandwiches and cakes. SO many cakes. Delicious CAKES. 

 Did I mention the cakes? They were amazeballs. I opted for the double chocolate....nom nom nom. 

 Following the meal, off I went around the store with some fellow 'bloggers' to have a nosey at what was on offer. There were a few demonstrations on which were fantastic. A young lady demonstrated an effective way to wrap a bottle of wine.. you may be thinking 'Why on earth would you wrap a bottle of wine when you can chuck it in a gift bag?' Well Ladies & Gents, this is why...

 I learnt how to make a Christmas garland, and how to dress a tree - Properly! There was even a free in-store games you could play to try win on the spot prizes from Joules. Sadly I was unsuccessful! 

Bents Garden Centre has the biggest and most impressive Christmas selection I've seen in a long time, it really doesn't matter what you are looking for to decorative your home with this Christmas, whatever it is, they will have it! Waling into the store is like walking into Santa's Grotto, and suddenly you will become a super excited child-like version of yourself! 

 The staff were exceptionally polite & helpful, answering any questions I had or directing their customers to products throughout the store. The store itself is huge, there is a large play area for the children outdoors where you will also find Hot tubs, summer houses and even Birds of Prey! It was a dark evening when I attended, but I definitely intend to revisit so I can take advantage of the things I missed. 

 Overall, I really enjoyed my Bents Garden Centre experience. The food was nice, although a little pricey for the main meals (Salmon was £11.95), and if I'm honest I'd say most things are slightly more expensive than I would like to pay, particularly the artificial Christmas Tree's which is what I had gone to buy.... but the cakes were well worth money so I would certainly recommend them!

Would I go back? Yes I would.

Should you go? Of course! There is so much selection all under one roof! 

If you do decide to go, or if you've been before, I'd love to know what you thought. Please leave a comment below.

 Please note - I was provided a complimentary meal by Bents Garden & Home to do this review, but the thoughts and opinions are truly my own.

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