Sunday, 26 January 2014

Are YOU satisfied?

Is there anyone out there who is totally satisfied? Or are we all as insatiable as one another?

Have you ever been told that not being satisfied is a negative trait you have? Or that at times you come across as ungrateful or greedy because you always seem to want more? 

Well let's look at the bigger picture of YOUR life and then break it down into bite size pieces, then ask yourself..are YOU truly satisfied?

It like.. Let's take Work....Do you love your job? Does it pay you enough to provide you and your family with a comfortable lifestyle? Does it allow you a healthy work/life balance? As well as providing job satisfaction?

How about your home. Is it the size you'd like? Are you happy with the decor? Is it located in exactly the right place? And do you have nice neighbours?

And then there's your fitness, your dress size, the amount of time you spend with your kids, your relationship, your friends group, your social life, your education, the amount you've travelled and the places you've seen, the kindness you've offered to others, the amount of time you've made for your loved ones, the car you drive, the clothes you wear...and so on.
All of these things contribute to the satisfaction that you have with your life and if there is 1 single person reading this who can answer yes to all of those things...I will eat my hat. 

Please don't get me wrong.. Satisfaction is NOT to be confused with Happiness. If you ask yourself are you happy with all those things listed above.. I'd imagine most answers would be yes - I know mine are. And the ones that I might say no to, well, I'd like to think that I'm doing something to change that. 

Just because you are happy with things doesn't mean that you have to be satisfied with them too. And if you're not satisfied it doesn't mean that you're not happy. 

For example.. You have a degree and a job that you worked hard for - but it means you have to work away from your family? On the whole you're happy - but it would great if you could work closer to home or less hours?

Or let's say you have hundreds of thousands of pounds in the bank, and you are single. You might be happy being rich - but would you be more satisfied if you had a special someone to share it with?

In my opinion, feeling dissatisfied is NOT a bad thing. It's not a case of being ungrateful, greedy or materialistic... It's actually a feeling of ambition, drive and motivation - to achieve the goals you set for yourself, however big or small. It shouldn't be seen as a negative/positive, it's just that some people feel it, and some people don't.

What satisfies you may not satisfy me, and so the point I am making is you should strive to achieve your goals, compromise with what you feel is necessary and work towards your own satisfaction - and if you can, help others achieve there own satisfaction too. 

Don't just settle with something that doesn't satisfy you..because when the time comes and you are breathing your last breath of life, you will be able to look back and say, I'm satisfied.

You've heard that saying 'YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE'?... Well it's rubbish...You live every single day - YOU ONLY DIE ONCE.

So make every day count!

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