Saturday, 1 March 2014

Jacks Tax Disc Appeal - The Result

Before Christmas I stsrted an appeal for a little boy called Jack whom I had never met. I asked for any old Vehicle Tax Discs that you might still have to send to a boy with an unusual Christmas Wish List. The full details of why Jack wanted these discs, and how I came to be involved are available here.

Since the festivities ended I’ve managed to speak with Jacks mum to see how successful the appeal was, and I am SO pleased with the outcome!

Thanks to the pure generosity of the general public, Jack received well over 600 tax discs on Christmas morning, and the dream of having one with his birth date on it was made a reality which reduced his mum to tears. He was stunned into silence for about 20 seconds when he opened the box and spent the days that followed talking about nothing else!

Here’s Jack with his Tax Discs on Christmas Morning 2013.

I cannot thank you enough if you sent Jack any discs or shared his appeal with your family and friends’, I know that Jacks mum was simply overwhelmed by how much support she and her son received.

I am proud to have been part of Jacks Tax Appeal and I am so very thankful for all of your help and support, this really is community spirit at its most powerful.

Thank you from Jack, his mum, and me x

If you wish to continue sending Jack your tax discs, please email his appeal or tweet him @JacksTaxAppeal for details of where to send them 

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