Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stay In & Do Stuff: Like Decorate?!

Despite the weather getting increasingly better there is always plenty to do indoors; and my upcoming project is exactly that - plenty to do indoors!

After renting out my house for the last 4 years it will soon be empty again and it's LONG overdue fresh d├ęcor & TLC. As with most rented property it's never given back to you in the same state you left it and this one is certainly no exception!

Here's a sneak preview of what I have in store...

**If you are squeamish look away now**

           (Aren't I the lucky one??)

The closest I've ever got to 'decorating' is whipping a paintbrush around a large wall so tackling wallpaper, sanding and treating wood, relaying carpet and erecting garden fencing (to name a few of the many jobs to come) are certainly going to put me, my skills and god knows my poor partner to the test!!

It's going to be all hands on deck in the next couple of months so if anyone out there has any tips/tricks for perfect cleaning or time saving DIY - please PLEASE share them with me. As you can see - I really am desperate...


  1. Holy shit that's disgusting!

    Sorry, that's not very helpful is it. Is that the bath? I assume the tenant won't be getting their deposit back!

  2. Using some of despot to help with cleaning costs but this is only a snippet of the whole house! Yes that's a bath lol

  3. good luck! I am renting myself but trying to not wreck place ;-)

  4. wow! hummm... the only cleaning advice I have is listening to good music or radio program so you can hopefully forget about the task at hand!

  5. eeek! this is what puts me off renting our house! lots of elbow grease and music - and of course some nice family and friends who are willing to help! good luck hun xx

  6. Oh my word! You poor thing! I agree - crack the windows, bangs some tunes on and get the bleach out x

  7. oh no!! i say.if can get away with not painting.woodwork then do it.
    also white white white as there no cutting in. get rubber gloves and try oven pride for a review ;-) xx