Friday, 13 June 2014

Good Day, Bad Day & So on..

This is how my running seems to be going.

I'll set out for a jog on day 1 with no particular goal or time constraints, feeling great.. Cover 5k with (relative) ease and have no complaints from my legs... But then, on day 2 it will all go to pot! 

Day 2 can start with such a positive feeling following the success of day 1, yet 15 minutes into it I can be struggling to fight off a stitch, or worse still shin pain!

I am really eager to join a running group and have even chosen the one I want to join, but the shortest distance they cover is 5k, so I really need to feel confident that I could run that week in week out without any issues. If every week was a day 1 run, I'd be laughing... But what happens if I turn up and it's a day 2 day? 

I wonder if I need to change my training plan or whether its all pscological??

Did anyone else have these types of issues when they first started out?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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