Friday, 13 June 2014

Tiny person...Huge responsibility..

When my mate told me she was pregnant I was obviously over the moon for both her and her husband. They are are great couple and a little bundle of joy would complete them!

I spent the whole of her pregnancy nagging her about everything baby related I could think of, like whether she worried about labour, if they had chosen any names and even all the nitty gritty gorey details too (but I won't go into that here!)

It was March when she arrived.. Baby Mia Grace, after a long agonising and rather complicated labour she was delivered by C section. How exciting!! 
Baby was fine, mother not as fine, but with great support from her husband and excellent care from the doctors and nurses she was out of any danger and soon holding her gorgeous new daughter.

It was from that day that our friendship changed, not in a bad way at all. But where we used to talk about going out to nice restaurants, what dress and shoes we were going to buy or how we were going to take the world by 'Storm' as 'Gayle-force' & 'Hayle-stone' we suddenly had something more grown up to think about!

Now our days out cover Mia's progress. What flavours she likes, how long her legs are getting, how she will smile at anyone for a soft bit of toast or even how active her digestive system is that day! Lol 

But I wouldn't change it for the world. She's great. And what's even more great is that following her Christening on Subday, she's now my Goddaughter too!!

It's amazing how a little baby can change your outlook on life, all of a sudden I have this very important role to play in a child's life who isn't even a blood relative. How bloody scarey is that? But how amazing at the same time! :) 

I'm so proud to be Mia's Godmother, I'm thankful that her parents asked me, and honoured that they see me as someone for Mia to look towards for guidance throughout her life. I promise to do my 'job' well.

Here is a photo of us on that special day, followed by my verse for her.

Do you have any godchildren? 
How do you keep the promises you made to them? 
Do you have any advice for new godparents? 

Please feel free to leave a comment :)

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