Friday, 13 June 2014

My 'Bake Off' nominee is...

It's no secret that I am crap at baking. I have tried (many times) before but the results always leave a lot to be desired. But now my friends, it doesn't matter.. why? I hear you ask. Well, here's why..

 It was a cold November morning when I heard. I was gutted. I really tried hard in my interview but unfortunatly I didn't get the job. Depressed, I went to work... via a rather famous burger chain. I know, i know.. shame on me..but I was sad and it was going to make me feel better wasn't it?.. But no, it didn't. 

I arrived at my desk.. and there she was... like a beacon of light... my work buddy Elaine, holding the most scrumptious homemade chocolate, cherry and hazlenut brownies! 

 Gobble Gobble Munch Munch, gone in a flash. 

Elaine is our shifts' STAR BAKER, and regularly plys us with copious amounts of sugar in her 'Great Bakes' which of course we all enjoy and all the good intentions of sticking to 'the diet' go swiftly out of the window! 

 A couple of days after the infamous brownies she arrived at work with these beauties... 

 Chocolate Orange Macaroons!

 I can safely say that these are THE most amazing thing I have ever tasted! In fact, they were SO good that I managed to make her think that keeping them a secret from the rest of the shift was a REALLY good idea.. that way we could eat them all ourselves! (Sorry shift....but I dont feel guilty... not a bit...not even at all)

 Needless to say by the end of that week I didn't feel bad about not getting the job. I even questioned why I'd wanted to leave this fine baker I sit next to daily?!? *feels own head* 

I have now come to terms with the fact that whilst I work with Elaine I will never be skinny! So I now need to persuade her to apply for next years TV Bake Off!! And if she refuses... I might just have to fill in the form for her! 

 Have you ever nominated someone for something? If so, what was it for? And were they picked?


  1. WoW! These almost make me want to get a job if colleagues like these exist!

  2. I think I want to work with Elaine!!