Friday, 13 June 2014

Chill Factore - Snow Fun with Kieran!

I know it was ages ago but do you remember when it was Christmas? Well I promise it will be here again before you know it!

Back in the December days of festivities I took a trip to the Chill Factore in Manchester to see the big man himself in his grotto, whilst taking advantage of a session of sledging with my nephew! What a fabulous day!

I have been to the Chill Factore a couple of times before, but never at Christmas, and the atmosphere was so enchanting. All of the children were excitedly queuing up to see Santa to tell him how good they had been this year; and despite it being quite busy, Santa was so polite and patient with all of the children, reassuring them that would get their desired gifts on Christmas morning providing they continued their good behaviour until then! This is exactly the assistance that parents thank you Santa!! He 

We took part in sledging with a few other families whilst there, and I cannot express how fun this was – even for an adult!! There are a few different ‘types’ of sledge to use, some go faster than others, and the staff are so helpful explaining the best (and safest) way to use each one before you set off hurtling down a hill of snow racing your 10yr old nephew and secretly really wanting to beat him – cruel I know. The fact of the matter is I didn’t beat him to the bottom on any of our ‘runs’... He navigated the slower kids and whipped around them leaning into his turns and came skidding to an impressive halt at the bottom with enough time to turn around and watch me desperately trying to halt myself before crashing into the barrier and covering myself and those around me with ice cold snow! Oopsie!

The staff at Chill Factore are so helpful, and have been whenever I’ve visited before – today was no different. An enjoyable day was had by all and I cannot thank those lovely lovely people enough for allowing us such a wonderful opportunity – my nephew can’t stop asking to go back there!!

If you are thinking ahead for activities to do with the little ones in your life at the weekends, or in the school holidays – there’s no need to look further than Chill Factore  for a great day out for all the family!

Have you been to the Chill Factore? What activities did you do? I would love to hear your snow fun stories!

The love people at Chill Factore provided us with complimentary passes for this visit, but the views and opinions are truly my own.


  1. Ive never been but after reading this Im booking in. Sounds fab.

  2. It's definitely worth a visit - anytime of the year!