Friday, 13 June 2014

Wooooooahhh we're half way there....

Just in case I've not mentioned it enough... I'm running 250 miles for charity as part of the PC Hughes Run To Remember and today is exactly the half way point!

At this point in the challenge we should be up to 126 miles on our count as it is day 63 out of 125! There are however, some people who have already completed all 250 miles (wowsers) and there also some who are a few miles behind.  I (unfortunately) am one of the latter.

I've suffered with my shins since the beginning of the challenge and
have posted here about everything related to it (sorry if I've bored you!), from the pain & the shame, to the Physio treatments and now here is the progress.

After 20 days of rest, lots of ice, lots of stretch, sports massage and acupuncture; I began to jog short distances (like no more than 1 mile!!) strictly on soft grass to build up the strength in my muscles followed with 3 rest days between each run.

I am so happy to say that yesterday I ran 2.17 miles on the road without any pain for the first time since the challenge began! *happy face*  and what's more... I ran my fastest ever mile at 10:02! (In the rain as well lol)

This may not seem much to some 'proper runners' and to the people who don't have any interest in running at all.. But I hope this can give other people who are struggling to achieve their own goals some inspiration to carry on! It would have been so easy to give up due to injury through fear of permanent damage, but I carried on.. Not because I have a death wish or that I really would like stress fractures, but because I signed up to complete 250 miles in 125 days. For Nicola and Fiona.

I may be 35 miles behind my ideal target but I am determined to carry on, look after myself in the process and to up my mileage slowly to reach that final milestone! So if you are taking part in the Run To Remember (or any challenge for that matter) and you are behind on your target - don't give up. Work out what you need to achieve daily between now and the final day and go out and do your best!! No one can ask more of you than that.

Good luck x

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