Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Does your dog deserve a treat?

Dora is our Miniature Schnauzer who is now 2 years old,and she is by far the best purchase we have ever made! 
Wherever we go, she goes too and because of that she is very well socialised, and of course, very loved by all. Dora has the most ‘human Aunties & Uncles’ that any dog has ever had – I’m sure of it!

It’s no surprise that as our only ‘child’ Dora is very spoilt. She’s well behaved though, not a ‘brat’ and she’slearned many tricks which she will happily show you should you be holding a tasty treat!

                    Here she is!!

So when I was contacted by to review their goody box, I knew that Dora would be a perfect candidate. She is very food orientated but slightly snobbish for a dog and won’t eat ‘just anything’so trying new stuff would be a great challenge.....There was one time we tried to change her daily food and because she wasn’t happy Dora just decided to stop eating until we changed it back again!! With that in mind, only the really tasty food would pass the Dora Test...

After the order was placed online I received a confirmation email and then the next day a further email with an estimated delivery date. I was really impressed by this service because as I work shifts I tend to miss parcel deliveries all the time, so having a guide of when to expect the parcel was really helpful... That said, you can imagine my delight when I received further emails telling me the exact date with a 1 hour timeframe in which my parcel was to be delivered! Unfortunately the delivery did clash with my working hours (typical!) and I wasn’t home.. but not worry.. emailed me again to tell me the name as well as the address of the neighbour who had taken the parcel in for me! Excellent communication!!

When I collected it, I noticed the parcel was in fact addressed to Dora which I thought was a real personal touch, and with a little help from me, Dora found the following inside:

2kg Bag Canagan Dog Food:
We usually have fed Dora the same food since she was a puppy due to its’ nutritional value so I was a bit dubious about changing her food, but we’d signed up for the review so we gave it a whirl... and it was defiantly a hit! The biscuits are free of grain meaning each mouthful is more nutritious for your dog so the quantity compared to her previous food could be slightly reduced (following the packet guidelines). The individual biscuits were lighter, and smaller so Dora could chomp her way through easily (she only has a very small mouth!) Without a second thought, the bowl was empty, and this continued the whole time Dora was being fed Canagan! The packaging gave all the information you needed, and was finished with a luxurious look.. We would certainly consider changing to this food for the long term!

Pack of Dentastix:
I’m sure every dog out there has tried Dentastix, and Dora is no exception so to receive a treat she was already familiar with was a ‘paws up’ from her! I put them in the freezer before she has one so they last that little bit longer!

Kong treat toy:
The Kong that Dora received was the right size for her, and was a welcome replacement to her old chewed up one! We popped out to buy some more of the biscuits that go inside them and Dora was a happy girl when she was left to her own devices for a couple of hours! Thekong is indestructible and with a treat inside keeps her occupied and free from boredom when left alone.

Burns Kelties Dog Treats:
Lastly the Kelties Dog treats... where to start? I’d never even heard of these before and they are quite a largetreat for a small dog, but Dora LOVES them! The treats come in a compact packet which is re-sealable to keep them fresh and crunchy. They are a great reward for Dora after she’s had a bath and she takes them off to her bed and gives them a good crunch before licking up the crumb afterwards.. I must admit, I’ve been tempted to try them myself..

Overall Dora & I REALLY enjoyed all of the contents of our goody box and after browsing through the easy to use website; we will definitely recommend this site!

We were provided with these items for the purposes of this review, and these thoughts are my own (and Dora’s)

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