Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Regardless of who you are, life can at times be stressful. We as humans are unique to one another and therefore our personal response to stress is too. We must try to understand that what one person takes in thier stride, can be a real stumbling block for someone else.

There are many common causes of stress such as:

Moving House
Relationship Breakdown
Work Demands
Money Worries
......& many more.

Sometimes people can be stressed without even knowing it, common symptoms include: 

Always being on the go
Short temper with those around you
Lack of or too much sleep
Loss of or increased appetite
Feeling hyper
Not knowing what to do first
......& many more.

There are several physical symptoms of stress too:

Back ache
Feeling sad and low
Acid reflux
Feeling generally unwell
Cold sores
High blood pressure
Tight chest 
.......& again many more.

Sometimes stress becomes so much a part of our daily life that we just 'manage' and 'get on with it', but it really is important to recognise the signs when your body & mind is telling you that enough is enough. 

If you pick up a cup of water it doesn't feel heavy does it? But if you had to stand and hold it all day long your arm would start to ache. This is the same for the things on your mind... Don't let the weight of your worries wear you down. 

If you think you might be suffering with stress, I really do urge you to visit your GP, but in the meantime there are one or two things you can do that might help ease your mind.

If you are able; go outdoors. The fresh air really does blow cobwebs away. Especially if it's sunny!

Read a book about a topic you enjoy. This is a great way to temporarily distract your mind.

If you like animals, go and spend time with them. Walk your dog, pet your cat or ride your horse. And if you feel like you don't have the energy to even do that, even reading a magazine or watching a TV show about your favorite animal can give you some relief. (Believe it or not, your brain recognises the animal, associates it with previous enjoyment and releases those 'feel good hormones!') 

Take a long soak in the bath. Perhaps get a massage.. Relax those muscles.

Talk to people. I cannot stress (excuse the pun) how beneficial talking to people can be! Friends and family make the best support networks and a little socialisation goes a long way.. They might even make you laugh!! :)

There are so many other things you can do, so please don't suffer silence. Once you've learned how to manage your stress, you will be well on your way to a much better quality of life! Equally, if you know someone who you think might be struggling.. Please take the time to offer them a helping hand. Life can be lonely when you're consumed with worry.

Look after yourself, and each other xx


  1. I do get stressed at times, due to work. Its good to remember these tips ;)

  2. Great advice. I think many people who suffer stress don't realise it until it's already started to affect their life in a negative way. Recognising the signs is key!