Thursday, 15 May 2014

Manchester is Blue..

It's been a tough season this year for the teams in the Barclays Premier League, whether they've had battles against injury, battles with their manager or just battles with slippy grass in Gerrards case.

It's all been very entertaining and although I do love it when my team wins by multiple goals, I think it's important that the title race is kept alive right until the end. It keeps the passion and excitement alive until the final whistle, and everyone loves it when the teams really have to play their best consistently in order to clinch the title. There are so many great teams now.. Gone are the days that Manchester United can win several times on the trot.. It's just not that easy anymore, is it Moyes?

I love football, and I love a bit of banter too. You're all guilty of it if you're a footy fan.. You just have to be prepared to take it if you're willing to give it :)

I don't have a season ticket nor do I go to many individual games, and many people think that makes me 'less of a supporter' than the person who travels to all home and away games to cheer on their team. I disagree. I don't have the money to go to every game, nor do I have the annual leave entitlement at work - but I try and watch on TV as many games as I can throughout the whole season and it's what's in my heart that counts.

did however go to see our penultimate game of the season against West Ham a couple of weeks ago... Or should I say we saw the 2nd half. My OH had never been to a premier league match before, so I decided to take her for our anniversary. We went with a few others and were all really excited about the prospect of clinching those vital 3 points to exploit Liverpools loss against Chelsea but we got caught up in a huge massive traffic jam en route!! Someone was threatening to jump off the Mancunian Way bridge, forcing the police to close several of the main roads through the city. What a nightmare!! Although I do appreciate that my nightmare wasn't as bad as his.. And I do hope that he is ok... But I couldn't help feel frustrated that i'd spent so much money on tickets and hadn't been able to get there on time!

Thankfully though after ditching the car, running across the city and picking up the metrolink over to the Etihad, we arrived just in time to see our team put 4 goals passed WH, one of which was a Yaya Toure special so it turned out to be a great evening!

To me, football brings people together. When we watch the game we watch it with company, we chat, we laugh, we shout & scream at the TV, we drink, we eat, we celebrate. Together. 

It's more than a bunch of men kicking a ball around a field, it's about team spirit, competition & spending time with family and friends. When we win, it's a bonus!
I'm going to enjoy next few months of Manchester City being Premier League Champions because next season it all starts over again.. And as Crystal Palace have proved.. In football, anything is possible.

Do you like football? Which team do you support.. And what does football really mean to you? 

(Photo from @MCFC twitter)

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