Friday, 6 June 2014

The Blog is 1!

My blog is 1. I'm quite impressed actually that I'm still writing a whole year after I started. I often get distracted by life (those are the weeks I don't write much) so to get to the first birthday of Get Out And See Stuff must mean I quite enjoy this blogging lark. 

Over the last twelve months I've tried to get a 'feel' for what I like writing about the most. When I started it was a bit hit and hope, and although my blog is still evolving I feel I've tweaked it enough to keep my passion for it alive without restricting it's content. 

This milestone has prompted me to look back at the the things I personally 'Got Out And Saw'' in the last year. It's almost a year to date that I went to The Parklife Weekender which I loved! So if you are heading there this weekend perhaps you'd like to read what I thought of it? 

From the experiences I blogged about, my most loved were GLAMPING! or our gorgeous visit to The Alma Inn. But it shames me that the blog doesn't reflect EVERYTHING I actually did this year! I make a promise to my blog to include those missing adventures in the coming 12 months, after all isn't that that what my blog is all about??

Actually, what IS the main purpose of this blog? Well, I'd like Get Out & See Stuff to be a motivational, and at times maybe inspiring place to come when you're not sure what to do. Whether you have a spare weekend and need ideas to fill it, or perhaps you're full of ideas but lack the get up and go, I want Get Out And See Stuff to encourage you to tick things from your bucket list, follow those dreams or give you the courage to do today what you've been putting it off until 'tomorrow'.

From time to time I will continue to write from the heart about whatever is occupying my mind which may not always fit the theme perfectly. What Do You Go To Work For? is a thought provoking post from last year on the blog. It was possibly one the most viewed too, and for that reason a post that goes against the grain every once in a while will be popping up in the future too, to keep it personal and keep it real. 

It's easy to get busy with life, and equally as easy to spend the down time we have just resting, but when I'm older and my body is less able, I want to look back on my years and feel glad that I made the most of it. I hope you do too.


  1. Happy Birthday lovely!! It comes around so quickly doesn't it. It is so weird which posts get the most coverage isn't it. Writing from the heart is totally key. X

  2. Happy birthday!!! Honest posts make the best reading :) x

  3. Happy 1st birthday. It sounds as if you have an inspiring and fun blog x

  4. Ah It sounds fab! Great pics :) And I hope it was the perfect way to celebrate your first blog birthday!
    x x

  5. Happy 1st birthday! I do love your blog so please keep going. ;)