Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Lottery Win

A lottery win could change your life,
To luxury and style from trouble and strife.
With a couple of quid & a bit of luck,
You could be the winner of mega bucks.

With all your winnings, what would you do?
Surely it would make your dreams come true!
Quit your job, clear your debt,
Buy a flash car and a private jet.

Gone are the days you made ends meet,
Now the whole world is at your feet,
Share it out with family & friends,
Give them an abundance of spends.

No longer filled with financial woe,
You all have the chance to up & go,
And soon the wish list you once had,
Only filled yesterday's shopping bag. 

The bucket list that took years to do,
Is ticked off within a month or two,
And luxurious things you'd been saving for,
Just don't matter anymore.

It's not long before friendships fail,
The money has sent them off the rails,
Your parents live in Timbuktu,
And all of this is down to you.

Whatever you've got you always want more,
You have a car, but you want four,
There's no limit to your imagination,
You live everyday like it's a special occasion.

All your loved ones drift apart,
It seems the money is breaking your heart,
Yes it bought those diamond rings,
But money can't buy certain things,

The times you share with those close by,
The twinkle in your partners eye,
To dream and hope keeps you alive,
So the goals you hit will give you pride.

No one likes to scrimp & save,
But money won't always bring better days,
You can't buy happiness or your health,
You can't buy love despite your wealth.

So when you wish on a star tonight,
Think about what you'd REALLY like,
Some things are more important than you think,
It's those you can have, even if you're skint.


  1. Wise words in a brill poem.

  2. Cool poem little fish - you clearly get your rhyming skills from your clever sister ;)

  3. Too true. Lovely poem. Money isn't everything x

  4. We often talk about what we'd do if we won the lottery - the usual new cars, a holiday etc etc but really we've got just about everything we need x

  5. I've been reflecting on money recently- it's easy to always want more, and want what your friends have etc. But you're right- it's not what matters! Give me my family's health and happiness any day xx

  6. So true, but a little wouldn't hurt especially if it made someones dream come true who really needed it. Love the thinking tho. x

  7. Ha. I need to buy a ticket I think!