Sunday, 23 June 2013

All the gear, no idea.

So, pay day arrived & I decided treat myself to some new running gear, and since I'm new to this running lark I decided Sports Direct would be a good place to start as their prices are cheap and their stuff seems pretty good.

I bought some shorts and some 3/4 length tights, along with a bright yellow top. The best thing about the bottoms is the little zip pockets on the bag, how exciting - no more 'phone in bra' issues! Obviously taking my phone is essential for Map My Walk purposes (See previous post!) as well as poo bags (For the dog, obvs) and the house key... so the mini pocket is just the right size.

All dressed up in Karrimor I set out to put my stuff to the test.

Light, cool & comfortable. Excellent. Just what I was hoping for. So I ran, and ran, and ran... until I hit 10k.

10k! I have never run 10k before without stopping.. and although it took 1hr 23mins it was a great feeling of  achievement. And I even got negative splits!

Thanks Karrimor & Thanks Sports Direct.

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