Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Parklife Weekender

After hearing loads of good reviews of Parklife from previous years I checked out the line up and decided to get tickets for my partner & I for our anniversary. To VIP or not to VIP was the only question!?
Although I was tempted by the description of luxury loos & the cocktail bar I decided to 'slum it' with the £69.50 tickets saving us £29 each.
With chart topping acts such as 'Disclosure', 'DJ Fresh', 'Rita Ora', 'Example' and many many more on the set lists we were excited to say the least!
So when we woke on the morning of June 8th to blazing sunshine looking set to stay for the weekend we knew we were in for a treat!!
With sunglasses, straw hats and plenty of cash in toe we arrived at 12pm on Saturday and headed straight for the bar, of course. £4.60 for a small Kopperberg and £3.50 for a bottle Corrs' was expensive but not more than what I was expecting for a festival.
We familiarised ourselves with all 5 stages and checked out everything on offer, you could purchase a variety of different foods, even for vegetarians and there were all sorts on offer for sale, from blow up dolls to wacky hats or clothing.
What really got me excited was the log flume which I later managed to talk the others into riding with me... Great idea Hayley... Now we are soaking and freezing because it's almost 8pm and the sun has gone to bed ready for tomorrow! Oops.
We had a crazy roller coaster of a weekend with lots of fun, and we were surprised that the loo's weren't actually too bad! We danced, like no one was watching. We sang, badly. We drank, a LOT. But most of all we laughed, hard.
If I had to say anything bad about my Parklife experience it would be that I spent £6 on a programme that was printed incorrectly which meant I missed 2 of my favourite acts. That, and thier seemingly relaxed approach to drugs; Parklife Officials selling 'Poppers' like its candy was a bit too much for my liking.
Overall we had a fantastic time, there were great activities going on around the site, such as sumo suit wrestling, but for me it was really the weather, the music & the company that made it so good. I'm glad we went, and perhaps we will see Parklife again next year??
Thank you guys for a great weekend!

Please note this is not a paid review, it is solely my own opinion. Thanks.

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