Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bush Trimming. Ooh er.

So the sun has come out and it looks like its set to stay for a British summer. Yes, a BRITISH summer. I know, I'm as shocked as you.

And what comes with summer? Gardening. Well it does in our house anyway. I don't mean lawn mowing, more like flower watering, weed pulling and bush trimming. Yes I said bush trimming and yes, I'm still referring to the garden!

Our front garden was becoming a bit wild , the hedge was claiming half of the pavement and the rosemary bush was almost knocking on the front door. So with an 'electric and very lethal looking hedge trimmer thing' borrowed from my mum, Naomi (my better half) decided to tackle it.

(How very professional looking..)

Once trimmed and pruned we had a rather large pile of fresh rosemary cuttings, and me being a Michelin star chef wannabe (NOT) decided to share the rosemary love and hand it out. We delivered bags of the stuff to friends and relatives and left the rest on the front wall with a note.... 'FRESHLY CUT ROSEMARY - HELP YOURSELF.' I thought it was a friendly community type thing to do and although I didn't really expect anyone to take any, I still hoped they might.

So after delivering to those in need of fresh herbs, and mainly to those who wouldn't know what rosemary was if it landed on their doorstep in a freezer bag, we returned home to find this where the rosemary had been left....

Brilliant! Thanks.

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