Monday, 22 July 2013

GLAMPING! in Blackpool

So last weekend we camping.. This weekend we went GLAMping. The difference? The GLAM obvs.

We upgraded from a borrowed 2 man tent with a popped air bed to a spacious camping pod with actual beds! 

Oh em gee. It was amazing. 

Friday afternoon came and after a busy week of nights I thought 'sod it' lets go away for the night. So after a bit of online searching we found a great site in Weeton, just 15 mins east of Blackpool, which meant only a 45 minute drive from home.

Good job Naomi was working from home because as soon as laptop lid was closed she was whisked into a whirlpool of camping chairs, pillows and ice packs and we were en route. 

The site was fab, it had everything you need and with no 'tent faff' involved we had a nice cold beer open in no time.

    Here is Naomi showing you how it's             done!

Dora was most welcome too, and luckily she found some canine pals to play with before a chilled sunset walk around the fishing lake on site.

                My buddy & I :o)

The next morning we stumbled across a car boot sale.. Love it! Not been to a proper car boot in ages. Full of nostalgic tat and the odd bargain - we had a cracking time and even picked up a new antique wall mirror for 8 quid! BOOM.

From there we went straight to the beach at Lytham St Anne's for Dora's first proper swimming the sea. (Talk about throwing her in at the deep end eh?) well you'll be pleased know we didn't actually chuck her in, but after a bit of confidence boosting she was paddling away and even had a waggy tail!!

          Proud parent moment!!

The weather was amazing all weekend, and the company..well, she was pretty awesome too.

 he more spontaneous our time off gets the more fun we seem to have!! Where will we end up next...

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