Monday, 22 July 2013

MSM Charcoal Challenge: Let's have a barbie....

The challenge: Sponsored by Money Supermarket the charcoal challenge was to stretch £50 as much as you could to enjoy the best BBQ!

Being a shift worker I checked my diary to see when I had a free weekend before August to start planning my charcoal challenge! Oh no - there are none.. Well apart from 1 where I am only off on the Saturday, that will do!

Trying to decide what to spend the £50 on was the hardest bit. Would it be a 'finest' BBQ for a couple of people or a 'value' BBQ for many more..?

It turned out to be somewhere between the 2 but of course, with a twist.

The Shopping list: 
Beef burgers with jalapeño - £3
Pork sausages - £3
Salad stuff (inc coleslaw / potato salad) - £5
Petrol - £20
Pitch - £10
Beer - £9

Total: £50.

If you haven't already guessed we went camping! The weather was too nice to waste and I like to make the most of my time off work so why not?

Now then, Naomi is not a camper. she doesnt do cold, or discomfort, or faff. And for that reason we dont own a single camping-related item.
Thankfully our good friends do, and so we set off at around lunchtime via their house and collected everything we might need!

We arrived a little over an hour later in Grange-over-sands & pitched the tent, set the dog up in the shade and got a beer!

    Here we are with our happy camper

It was all going so smoothly until it came to blowing up the air bed....

Mum: I think that should be done now.
Naomi: I like it firm though, lets just put a but more in..


Mum: Oh no... It's popped!!!

What could we do? Nothing. Better get another beer!

    Here we are looking like camping pro's

Our charcoal challenge was brilliant! Never underestimate what you can do with £50!! Great food, great weather, great company & a great view...

    Dora & I with the wonderful sea view

    Me & Chef Cath - BBQ Queen

    Naomi showing off her expressive dance moves with a roll of doggy poo bags... After a few more beers!!

Overall our camping experience wasn't too bad, but surely after Naomi having to sleep on the floor, she won't be up for it again?? Watch this space....

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